Package Detection


What is Package Detection?


Package Detection is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to detect packages placed on the ground. It does so by analyzing the video footage from a camera. The system can be used to detect package theft without being seen by any humans, which helps prevent porch piracy in case you have something important at home and need to protect it.

This can be used to detect the presence of a package and then alert the recipient about its location. It also allows users to track their packages online and receive notifications on their mobile phones.


Analytic Definition Package Detection.


While people are still worried about the rising number of home burglaries and robberies, It means stealing products by breaking inside your home and placing stolen goods on your porch or putting them in your garage.

We've developed an AI-based solution that will stop this from happening to you. Our technology can ensure your packages are delivered safely and securely, while also keeping your data secure.

Use Cases

  • To detect if a bag has been placed on the ground in an area where it does not belong.

  • To find a lost or misplaced package.

  • To track the movement of a package in transit.

  • To prevent porch piracy by detecting if a package has been delivered to your home.

Benefits of using a Package Detection solution

  • Detects porch pirates before they leave the house.

  • Notifies you when someone is trying to get into your home.

  • Enables you to stop potential intruders from entering your home.

  • Tracks all activity on your porch and makes it easy for you to locate any suspicious activity or person.

  • Provides an easy way to see if someone is trying to break into your home without having to walk out onto the porch or do anything else.


Key Features of Package Detection

  • Detects theft in real-time based on a customized algorithm

  • Detects unusual behaviour of the user and triggers notifications

  • The system can detect whether a porch is occupied or not with high accuracy

  • Can automatically send a notification to the owner of the house

  • Set up a schedule for sending notifications 

  • Detects porch pirates through technology.

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